Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hey everyone!

I trust you are all doing well, and have been keeping busy with the beginning of Fall! I know I have.

I've been back to work for a month now, and it's been a very good thing for me. The schedule adjustment has been a touch hard, but the routine is great for me and my well being. I love writing and chatting for hours on social media, but health and time management is hard to accomplish when it comes the Author life!

I've been busy writing SEEK as often as I can, and I know you all are patiently waiting! Maybe some of you not so patiently according to my facebook messages. Whenever you wonder "Why does it take so long for an author to put out the next book?" I assure you, we don't do this to drive you mad. We just want the book you've been waiting for to meet your expectations, and in my case, twist you around, slap you in the face, and having you hung over for days. To achieve this, it takes time, so bare with me!

I said I've been monitoring my health in the previous chapter, this is so true. I've battled with it my entire life, but I'm proud to say this month I've had a great grasp on it. I've prepped meals and have said no to many temptations. Something that's going to be hard in the coming months. But if I fuel my body correctly, my mind isn't as frazzled, and I can write way more!

On some exciting news, I've signed with an Australian publisher for ibooks. So far they've been amazing, and I'm loving working with them. Their strategies for marketing have been different, but seem to be working. I've been in the top paid romance charts for a few days now, and I can only hope for my rankings to go lower!  If you want to check it out, search Drawn To You by Brooke Page.

That's all for now my lovely readers!

Choose Happiness,
Choose Reading.

Love Always,


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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First Blog Post

Hey All! I finally have a blog page, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I have been in the writing cave for the past couple months putting the finishing touches on HIDE - Black Letter pt. One, which is my newest Romantic Suspense novel that will release on ..... wait for it.... August 31st!

I can't wait to share Jamie's story with you all! I am just going over my synopsis, cover, and edits but it should be ready soon, so stay tuned here and my Facebook page,  Brooke Page Author, for more updates!

<3 Brooke